Truly Called? Vocation in the Anglican Church

Truly Called? Vocation in the Anglican Church is for all readers who are interested in or curious about ordained ministry.

Bradly Billings has written a wonderfully accessible and instructive book. He successfully informs readers of the many aspects surrounding the call to ordained ministry in the Anglican Church, not only for those who are called, but also for those who undertake support roles in the wider church community.


Discerning a call to ordained ministry is much greater than marking skills or abilities on a matrix. It is the recognition of an ontological call of and by God that sits at the core of one’s being. It is a highly complex, private and public journey, that must be examined and affirmed by the wider Church. It is a lifelong journey of formation, being shaped and moulded to grow into the person God has created.

In this book, Truly Called? Vocation in the Anglican Church Brad explores the complexities of call and vocation to ordained leadership in the Anglican Church of Australia for both the enquirer, and those who might be privileged to accompany a person on this journey.

Brad specifically addresses an often overlooked, but essential aspect of this discipline. Knowledge of God, and deep, honest knowledge of self, or of one’s own personhood. When we truly love God then we can begin the interior journey of exploration of self, a journey that helps us to understand and recognise our calling, which may or may not lead to ordained leadership. However, it will lead to the revelation of which part of the divine dance of discipleship a person has been called to embrace.

The Right Reverend Denise Ferguson
Assistant Bishop
Diocese of Adelaide
Chair St Barnabas College Council

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