A Prayer Book for Australia (APBA), 1995 – Licence and Copyright Information

The copyright and licencing of A Prayer Book for Australia is administered by Broughton Publishing, the publishing arm of the Anglican Church of Australia. APBA is available for purchase in printed form as well as electronically through epray.

APBA is an authorised text approved by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia and the copyright restrictions ensure that there are no unauthorised versions of the text in circulation.

The Broughton Board has decided that from September 2019, a licence is not required to reproduce or project material from the APBA for Liturgical and Parish purposes.

A Prayer Book for Australia still falls under copyright laws, which means that wherever possible, you should still acknowledge when it’s been used.  This also means that no part of APBA may be  posted online or reproduced for commercial purposes unless permission has been obtained from Broughton Publishing.
Material reproduced or projected from APBA must be acknowledged with the following statement: ‘From A Prayer Book for Australia Copyright © Broughton Publishing 1995′.

Educational institutions or students may reproduce material from the APBA under their licence administered by Copyright Agency Limited (CAL), however, this is limited to only 10% of the total work, and is permitted for research and study purposes only.

An Australian Prayer Book (AAPB), 1978

“Members of the Anglican Communion and churches of other denominations are welcome to make print or electronic copies of An Australian Prayer Book, in whole or in part for liturgical or church purposes, free of charge provided they are attentive to the integrity of the text, that copies are not made available for sale and that the source of the extract is appropriately acknowledged, e.g. title and page number.

Educational institutions may make print or electronic copies for educational purposes provided that the educational institution has given a remuneration notice to CAL under the Copyright Act.

All other requests for copyright permission should be directed to Broughton Publishing at

Should the Church/Diocese wish to disseminate this information amongst its parishes or ministry groups it may do so.

For further information about prayer book copyright and annual licences please contact us on