Anglican Church of Australia Directory 2020-2021 Edition

This project has taken some two years to develop including new software, data checking and formatting.

With the development of a personalised digital renewal form, clergy will now be able to update their information on an ongoing basis and this will speed up the data verification process for forthcoming editions.

The directory has been comprehensively updated with the help of the General Synod Office and Diocesan offices throughout Australia and includes:

Foreword from the Primate
How to use the Directory
The Office of the Primate
Chart of Australian Dioceses
Map of Australian Dioceses
• Bishop(s) and major office bearers
• Diocesan structure
• Parish/church list
• Clergy list
Churches, parishes and their clergy
Schools and Colleges
and more!
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New Publication – Australian Anglicans Worship: performing APBA

RRP $49.95

Australian Anglicans Worship: performing APBA explores the heritage, background, contents and creative use of A Prayer Book for Australia (APBA).

Reflection on the theological and liturgical principles that surround each service in APBA is blended with ideas for creative worship — and the author is not afraid to take poor theology and unhelpful practice to task.

In writing this book, the Revd Dr Charles Sherlock AM has drawn on his close involvement with the preparation of APBA, along with his five decades of teaching and enthusiasm for lively liturgy.

Sensitive to the Anglican heritage and its current diversity, Australian Anglicans Worship: performing APBA is a unique resource for Australian Anglicans. Scholarly, yet eminently readable, it supports all who prepare, lead and participate in creative Christian worship that is faithful to what really matters.

Part A APBA – background and features
Part B Resources for every Christian liturgy
Part C Services of the Word
Part D ‘Go and make disciples’: Christian initiation
Pact E Holy Communion/The Eucharist/The Lord’s Supper
Part F Marking Rites of Passage using APBA
Part G Other resources in APBA


New Publication – Christ Died for Our sins: Essays on the Atonement

RRP $34.95

The doctrine of the atonement – that Christ died for our sins – is at the core of Christian identity and at the heart of Christian belief. This central doctrine, however, is poorly misunderstood within the church and parodied by those outside the Christian community.

The church itself has different perspectives on how to understand the rich diversity of images, themes, narratives and metaphors used in the Bible to describe the saving work of Christ, and there has been some controversy as a result. These essays seek to demonstrate the extent to which these various images are complementary rather than in competition with each other.

The contributors to this collection are members of the Anglican Church of Australia’s Doctrine Commission. They are each accomplished scholars and leaders, and represent the views of modern Anglicans across the theological spectrum of our Church. This is not a statement of the church’s official position but a dialogue that demonstrates how differences of opinion can be handled with mutual respect.

The commission hopes that it will engage and educate and enlighten the church, and provoke continuing discussion keeps the atonement as a matter ‘of first importance’ in our thinking and in our worship.

The Most Reverend Dr Philip L Freier is the Archbishop of Melbourne and Chairman of the Doctrine Commission.
The Reverend Dr Peter Adam is a Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne, a theological educator and author and formerly Principal of Ridley Theological College, Melbourne.
The Most Reverend Dr Glenn N Davies is the Archbishop of Sydney and Canon Theologian of the Diocese of Ballarat.
The Reverend Dr John Dunnill is Canon of St George’s Cathedral, Perth and formerly Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies and Chair of Theology at Murdoch University, Perth.
The Reverend Professor Andrew B McGowan is a Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne and Warden of Trinity College
and the Joan Munro Professor of Historical Theology at Trinity College Theological School, Melbourne.
The Reverend Dr Dorothy A Lee is Dean and the Frank Woods Professor of New Testament Studies at Trinity College Theological School, Melbourne.
The Reverend Dr Michael R Stead the Rector of St James Turramurra, Visiting Lecturer in Old Testament at Moore Theological College, Sydney and Secretary of the Doctrine Commission.
The Reverend Dr Mark D Thompson is the Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney.
Dr Heather Thomson is Senior Lecturer at St Mark’s National Theological Centre and Associate Head of the Charles Sturt University School of Theology.


NEW TITLE! Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage and the Anglican Church of Australia


Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage and the Anglican Church of Australia: Essays from the Doctrine Commission.

In September 2017 members of General Synod meeting in Maroochydore, Queensland passed a motion asking Standing Committee to ‘facilitate a respectful conversation in our church by means of a collection of essays on marriage and same-sex relationships that explore scriptural and theological issues relating to:
A. The doctrine of marriage expressed in the formularies of the Anglican Church of Australia
B. Our current Australian context exploring the relationship between the state’s definition of marriage and the church’s doctrine of marriage
C. Key Old Testament and New Testament texts on sex, marriage and friendship
D. Scripture and hermeneutics
E. A theology of blessing
F. A theology of desire
G. Godly disagreement on this issue
H. The cases for and against same-sex marriage and/or the blessing of same-sex unions.’

This book is part of an ongoing conversation. Doctrine Commission members have found this as much a listening process as the articulation of ideas. We hope that the many people who are looking for careful ethical consideration about same sex marriage will find this book helpful.

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A Pastoral Handbook for Anglicans – Third Edition now Available

This is now the third edition of A Pastoral Handbook for Anglicans, revised and updated by The Right Reverend Dr Bradley S. Billings, following on from the two earlier editions prepared and published in 1988 and 2001 respectively. The Pastoral Handbook seeks to provide useful and practical guidelines to Anglican ministers that are grounded in, and arise directly out of, the sustained practice of ministry over an extended period of time. It is shaped and formed throughout by the Scriptures, Anglican pastoral theology, and the liturgical resources provided by A Prayer Book for Australia 1995 (APBA), with reference also to applicable canon law.

As is the case in the previous two editions, the provision of Anglican ministry in the context of Christian Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Reception), marriages and funeral are each addressed in detail, with attention to recent developments in these significant areas of ministry. A new section addresses pastoral ministry in other circumstances, such as ministry with the sick and dying, and the reconciliation of a penitent.
A further entirely new chapter has been provided by internationally renowned theologian Dr Stephen Burns on ‘Pastoral Ministry Today’, which sets the practice of Anglican pastoral ministry in the social and missional context of early 21st Century Australia.

Although produced in the Diocese of Melbourne, A Pastoral Handbook for Anglicans has been written with a wider audience in mind and is offered as a resource for the national church.

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