God is Enough: the alpha and omega of church

Being part of the Church is the most glorious calling, but there is neither glamour nor celebrity involved. Sharing Christian life together is the story of one small, common activity after another; because it is the story of life. We know the glory of being caught up in God’s plans and activity. We also know the effort of working with each other on communal life. Because our high calling is enacted in the routine, we can be susceptible to showy or misleading traps. We can also become disheartened by the sheer familiarity of church life. And yet, God is enough – to avoid the pitfalls and take heart when discouraged. God is the alpha and omega of church life. Whether leading or following, we are each significant and irreplaceable amongst God’s people. This book will start a conversation in your church about recapturing the confidence that God is enough – always and forever enough.