Australian Anglicans Remember

Many Australian Christians know little of the numerous others in this country who, by God’s grace, were effective witnesses to Christ. In AAPB (1977), a few local festivals were included, but not Australian people. In APBA (1995), the Calendar included a dozen or more people in whose lives God’s grace was so evident that they are commemorated in some part of this land.
Australian Anglicans Remember covers all Australian and New Zealand commemorations listed in APBA, and festivals not included in AAPB.
Each entry includes:
– Its listing in BCP, AAPB and APBA
– Who was …? – information on the person or festival concerned
– Service Introduction – suitable for reading aloud or inclusion in a pew sheet
– Commemorations – Australian places where the person’s memory is perpetuated
– Resources for liturgical use – sentence(s), prayer(s) and readings

This resource, drawn together by the Revd Dr Charles Sherlock, aims to support and encourage Australians to follow Christ in ‘down under’ ways.