Two New Features for Epray

We are currently developing two new features for epray. The first is a listing of all hymns (titles and/or first lines) from ‘Together in Song’. This is being done with the agreement and support of Hymn Book Company.

The second development will be the uploading of Dr Charles Sherlock’s ‘Anglicans to Remember’. A brief, thumbnail will be entered alongside the appropriate date and the full text will be available as an e-pub on the epray site.

Also, you can go on to the epray site and view the training videos at no charge. The Reverend Michael Lazarus walks you through the various features of epray and explains the applications. Click on epray to access the epray videos.

One Response to “Two New Features for Epray”

  1. Hazel Hughes

    I have been subscribing to Epray and have realised that no subscriptions have been taken from my account. I only noticed this when I tried to log in and am unable to do so. I did not cancel the subscriptions. Can you please tell me what has happened.
    Thank you