Broughton Publishing’s Epray worship planner has now been re-released after two years in development. The new web-based program offers an electronic Lectionary, an automated service creator, the readings for every day from the NRSV and NIV, a daily prayer shortcut and an e-book of the APBA as well as other resources.

Rev’d Michael Lazarus who has been closely associated with the development of epray in its current format says that the latest upgrade of the web-based service provides options that make worship planning easy for those clergy and lay persons creating worship resources in their parishes.. In particular Michael points to the ability to access epray on tablets and smart phones – new features of epray of which he is particularly proud. He believes that this will provide support to those working in remote communities or in parishes where they are constantly mobile or traveling long distances.

In the main however, Epray makes worship planning more efficient and allows for time deprived clergy to devote their valuable time to other important activities in their parish.

Epray was released as a web-based program about this time in 2011 and the first year of release has focused on ensuring workability and developing additional features that are now available to subscribers. Having said that, because epray is a web based product the epray team see improvements and refinements as an on going process and they welcome input from subscribers.

Epray is now offering a free trial for those who want to experience epray before they decide to subscribe. As part of the free trial clergy can get a telephone ‘walk through the program’ from Michael or a member of the epray team.
The team encourages feedback and this can be provided on