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New book about the Anglican Church and Community in Melbourne during the Great War

For God, King and Country: The Anglican Church and Community in Melbourne during the Great War by Bradley S. Billings Published by Morning Star Publishing 15th April 2016  ISBN: 9780994264589 RRP$24.95 In every suburb and town, in every church and school, sporting group, or other community organisation, which existed in some form in 1914, there… Read more »

A Message from Bishop Ross Nicholson about copyright

A short word about pirates We usually think of pirates as the swashbuckling heroes or seafaring villains of storybooks and movies. But nowadays the word ‘piracy’ is more often applied to those who sail digital oceans, raiding the intellectual property of movie, book and music producers. Though some of these digital pirates have crime on… Read more »



Broughton Publishing's Epray worship planner has now been re-released after two years in development. The new web-based program offers an electronic Lectionary, an automated service creator, the readings for every day from the NRSV and NIV, a daily prayer shortcut and an e-book of the APBA as well as other resources.

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An Australian Lectionary 2018

A Prayer book for Australia

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  • A collection of Australian & New Zealand commemorations listen in the APBA and information on the person or festival concerned

  • What really matters about how we perform the gospel in church, and beyond?

  • From A Prayer Book for Australia 1995